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Why I Support Deb Fischer

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1. A lifelong Nebraskan, Deb Fischer is a wife, mother, rancher, small business owner and citizen legislator. She has extensive business and legislative experience, and hasn’t spent her whole life in and out of political office.

2. Deb Fischer has a proven conservative record Some politicians talk the talk, but Deb Fischer walks the walk. Deb Fischer helped pass Nebraska’s largest tax cut and has fought to reduce wasteful spending in the Nebraska legislature. Click here to read the facts about her record of fighting for our conservative values.

3. Deb Fischer has a 100% pro-life voting record and is endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life. Bob Kerrey has a 100% rating from BOTH Planned Parenthood and the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. He voted 5x to support partial birth abortion during his previous terms in the U.S. Senate.

4. Deb Fischer has fought for the 2nd Amendment while in the Nebraska legislature which is why she has received the endorsement of the NRA along with an “A” rating. Bob Kerrey has an “F” rating from the NRA.

4. Deb Fischer is the only candidate who will truly represent the rural and urban interests of Nebraska in Washington, D.C. Born and raised in Lincoln, she attended Southeast High School and then graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has spent the last 40 years ranching in Cherry County with her husband and three sons. Get to know her.

5. Deb Fischer has run a campaign focused on the issues, not on negative attacks. Voters want to vote FOR a candidate, not AGAINST a candidate. Bob Kerrey’s attempts to portray Deb Fischer as a greedy landowner have been rejected by her neighbors. Don’t believe it? Watch testimonials of what her neighbors have to say about her here.

6. Deb Fischer will support new leadership and new ideas in the U.S. Senate while Bob Kerrey has pledged to support Harry Reid for majority leader and has openly promoted a universal public option healthcare system which is even more extreme than Obamacare.

7. Deb Fischer is the policy-minded candidate with substance. She has developed several detailed policy plans throughout her campaign. She has plans to create jobs, reform Washington, reduce energy costs, stop illegal immigration and reduce the size and scope of the federal government.

8. While her opponent has focused on out-of-state money and endorsements from Hollywood celebrities, Deb Fischer is running a Nebraska-based campaign. She has raised over 75% of her campaign funds from Nebraska and has received the endorsements of Governor Dave Heineman, U.S. Senator Mike Johanns, former Governor Kay Orr, former Governor Charlie Thone, former Congressman Bill Barrett, former Congressman John Y. McCollister, 75 current and former Nebraska state senators, and over 25 Nebraska mayors.

9. Deb Fischer is the only candidate running a truly grassroots campaign! Her 93 county chairs include Republicans and Democrats. Many of her supporters are people who are involved in politics for the first time. Her campaign has been executing an extensive voter contact program since May contacting hundreds of thousands of voters by phone, door-to-door and mail across the state.

10. Deb Fischer is the only candidate with a truly bipartisan record. While Bob Kerrey voted with his party over 90% of the time when he served in the U.S. Senate, Deb worked with Republicans and Democrats in the Nebraska legislature to help pass critical priorities from roads funding to tax relief. One of the Unicameral’s most liberal senators called Deb Fischer “one of the most talented and effective senators … in the history of the body.”


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