Thank you!  Thank you for stopping by our Volunteer page. We have many volunteers ready to do the work of the party and are always looking for more.   A little of your time goes a long way!

Are you extremely busy with family and work commitments?  Boy, do we understand!  We are not asking for a lot of your time but if you can volunteer for specific projects or lend a hand for even small amounts of time as needed, we would be most grateful.

If you like what you see in our Web page, if you like what our county party is doing, won’t you please help us today?  Successful GOP elected officials rely on people at the grassroots level – the volunteers.  YOU can make a difference!

Interested?  We hope so!  Take pride in your country and volunteer a little of your time.  You will meet new friends and perhaps some old ones as well.


Download WCRP Volunteer-Contributions Form

Yes!  I want to help the Washington County Republican Party promote the Republican agenda and elect Republicans.  Here is how I can help!

_____ Join the Washington County Republican Party Booster Club ($25.00)

_____ Help organize our precincts

_____ Stuff and label envelops

_____ Work on phone banks

_____ Walk door-to-door

_____ Volunteer time for the County Fair

_____ Help organize events for the party

_____ Walk in parades

_____ Use my yard for Republican yard signs

_____ Make a financial contribution

_____ Distribute yard signs for our Republican candidates

_____ Other ____________________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________ Employer: ________________

Home Phone: ____________________ Work Phone: _____________

Simply indicate your area of contribution, print or download this page and mail it with your contribution to:

The Washington County Republican Party
P.O. Box 612
Blair, NE 68008

You can also e-mail any questions, your area of contribution and interest to John Orr.

Our Philosophy About Becoming a Volunteer

In keeping with our core conservative values, our philosophy about volunteering is simple.  Your faith and family come first, job and career second and finally, politics.

Once you have offered to volunteer, we will call you from time to time.  If you can help us out, that is great. But if you cannot, just say so and do not feel guilty.  Everyone has his or her own life to live and sometimes you cannot help.  But when you can give of your resources and time, please know that it is greatly appreciated.

The Web Site

Please let us know how we can improve the site.  Your input will be very valuable in making our site a useful tool for all Republicans. We hope you will use it for GOP news, updates and links to your favorite conservative sites.

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