Yes! I want to help the Washington County Republican Party promote the Republican agenda and elect Republicans. Here is how I can help!

_____ Join the Washington County Republican Party Booster Club ($50.00)

_____ Help organize our precincts

_____ Stuff and label envelops

_____ Work on phone banks

_____ Walk door-to-door

_____ Volunteer time for the County Fair

_____ Help organize events for the party

_____ Walk in parades

_____ Use my yard for Republican yard signs

_____ Make a financial contribution

_____ Distribute yard signs for our Republican candidates

_____ Other ____________________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________ Employer: ________________

Home Phone: ____________________ Work Phone: _____________

Simply indicate your area of contribution, print or download this page and mail it with your contribution to:

The Washington County Republican Party
P.O. Box 612
Blair, NE 68008

You can also e-mail any questions, your area of contribution and interest to John Orr.

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