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59% of likely voters say it’s time to “give someone else a chance” in the Senate

LINCOLN, NE: A new survey conducted Tuesday by the Nebraska Republican Party shows voters overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal to repeal Senator Ben Nelson’s federal health care law, better know as “Obamacare.”

These numbers contradict Senator Nelson’s stated belief that “the majority” of Nebraskans do not favor repeal of Obamacare, but would rather “repair it and fix it.”

“Clearly Ben Nelson has become delusional about the toxic unpopularity of this law he created,” said Mark Fahleson, Chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party. “Obamacare is a two-ton weight around Sen. Nelson’s neck, and it is going to sink him.”

In an automated survey of 600 likely Nebraska voters, 63% of respondents supported repeal of the health care law. According to the latest Rasmussen Poll, 55% of voters nationally favor repeal.

“These results prove that voters don’t want Obamacare – they never did. Rather than listening to Nebraskans, Sen. Nelson sided with national Democrats when he cast the decisive 60th vote for this law,” Fahleson said. “While that made Sen. Nelson the darling of the Washington liberal elite, it makes Nebraskans want to give Ben the boot.”

Voters demonstrated that eagerness to give Ben Nelson the boot in 2012, with 59% of respondents wanting to “give someone else a chance” instead of reelecting Nelson.

“Even after Washington Democrats spent millions of dollars to boost his sagging poll numbers, Ben Nelson is stuck at 40%,” Fahleson said. “Our data is consistent with recent independent polling showing Ben Nelson in serious, serious trouble.”

The four question survey also asked voter opinions on a proposed state income tax cut package and legislation to require government-issued photo identification for voting purposes. Both bills received overwhelming approval from survey respondents.

“These issues are obviously very important to voters in Nebraska and will provide a real contrast in our races for legislature next year,” Fahleson said.

For the questions and topline results of the survey, click here.

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