Monday, August 22nd, 2011 at 7:42am

Where’s Ben?

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Ben Nelson is hiding. While every other representative and senator in our Nebraska federal delegation has released a schedule of public appearances for August recess, Senator E. Benjamin Nelson has remained conspicuously evasive.

At the beginning of the month, Senator Nelson sent out an email about his recess plans: “It’s great to be home in Nebraska this month so I can travel around to hear your views and thoughts, and share how I’m working to represent you.”

This email, however, and all other communications from Senator Nelson’s office make no reference to town halls, open coffees, listening sessions or scheduled public appearances where his constituents could voice their concerns to him.

We do know that Senator Nelson has been in the state because Nebraskans from Scottsbluff to Omaha have been reading about his travels—but only after he has already left town after meeting with a few community leaders in private.

It’s time for Ben Nelson to come out of hiding and give the voters of Nebraska a chance to make their voices heard. Join us at three rallies hosted by Americans for Prosperity in Omaha, Lincoln, and North Platte next week. See the WCRP Calendar or the AFP Nebraksa website for details on times and locations.

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